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Declaration to Raise the Status of California Brandy

Whereas brandy is a noble spirit and its production has a long and venerable tradition,

Whereas the enduring heritage and histroy of brandy in America and California are often misunderstood and undervalued,

Whereas California brandy producers are propelled by the California spririt of inventiveness, determination and the resolute drive for excellence,

Whereas California Brandy producers have been steadfast in employing the highest standards and in producing outstanding brandy,

We hold this as the beginning of a rebourn era of California Brandy.

We issue this Declaration

We are committed to never compromising quality.

We are committed to continuing the finest practices in grape growing, winemaking, brandy distilling, aging and blending.

We are committed to hearlding the exeptional brandy crafted by California producers.

We are committed to restoring the perception of California Brandy as ranking alongside the world’s most acclaimed spirits.

By signing this declaration, you acknowledge that we may contact you with future news, events and opportunities about the resurgence of California Brandy.
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